Partner With Us

We all know sponsoring local events is generally a gift of support for an activity you are passionate about. What most event directors miss is actively introducing their sponsors, and/or their sponsor’s businesses to the participants. Signage is great, logos on websites get impressions, but putting a face to a name, a name to a product or service, and starting the process of building a personal relationship (trust) with the participants is where the value is. That is our goal with each and every sponsor that offers their support for the series. 

Race Day Sponsor

Brought To You Buy...
$ 1000 Per Race
  • Presenting sponsor of an individual race day
  • You or a representative will be actively introduced to the participants, and we will educate the riders on how you can help them or why what you offer is of value
  • We will display any provided signage
  • You can set up a vendor display at the race site
  • You will be the presenting sponsor on the race website for the 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Email shout outs on race week sent to present and past participants

Series Sponsor

The lifeblood of local racing
$ 2000 Or In-Kind Products/Services
  • Sponsor of all 8 races
  • Recognized at each and every event
  • We will display any provided signage
  • You will be displayed on the website throughout the entire series
  • On the sponsor list in all email correspondence with participants
  • Free entry into the series for yourself or a rider of your choice